Ordinarily, people do not get rich merely on a wish. I think that can happen only on a reality TV show. People actually get rich by doing things that make them rich, and one of those things is acquiring and developing valuable skills – as many skills as possible. This is one decision I am happy I made early in my life too. I made my first million naira due to my decision to pursue several skills. If you choose to start doing the same thing from today, you too can become rich before the end of the year.

Taking this step will definitely payoff, even if not by the end of 2019, because the more robust the body of skills a person possesses:

1. The more attractive and valuable they will become to an employer,
2. The more businesses they can choose to create, and
3. The greater their earning potential becomes

I made this list of ‘top 10 skills that will make you rich in 2019’ to help you get a good start:


One of the most important skills any person can have now and in the future is learning – the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. We live in a fast changing world and this warrants that we keep up with trends as they come and go.

How fast and how much you can learn in year 2019 will determine your capability (or potential) of getting rich before the end of the year. New knowledge and skills will make you more attractive to employers and create more income opportunities for you.

But the quality and relevance of what you spend your time learning is also significant, so make effort to learn skills that are currently in demand in your environment (locally or globally) and add meaningfully to your existing body of knowledge or skills.


We use our thinking ability everyday to organise and make sense out of our experiences, contemplate on the choices we have and stipulate our actions. This makes thinking  rank high among the skills needed to increase your earning potential no matter what you do. Whether as an employee or a self-employee, the quality of your thoughts today will translate almost proportionally to the weight of your accomplishments in future.

You will need to think through how you wish to make money to how you will deal with situations that arise from that point forward. Will you work only self-employed or also for an employer that is willing to pay you an agreed fee? If you are going to be self-employed, are you going to be offering a service or a product? What will make your service or product win the hearts of customers and get them to dive into their wallet? These are some of things you will have to think through. Your decision about all of these will depend on the quality of your thinking skill.


Creativity is an ability to unravel new thoughts and ideas. It often manifests as an ability to see and do things differently. In most places, people with creative skill are deeply valued for this ability to champion a new vision and stir up transformation. You will quickly grab more attention than your peers if you are being creative at the things you do and this will eventually rub off on your bargaining power too.

In its report ‘The Future of Jobs’ issued in January 2016, the World Economic Forum says disruption to business models and labour markets over the next five years due to current developments in certain fields of work is predicted to cause ‘enormous change’ in the ‘skill sets needed to thrive in the new landscape.’ Creativity was the third among the list of top 10 skills expected to be most needed, right after critical thinking.


We have to exchange information with other people in our day-to-day undertakings. Your ability to read, write, speak and listen effectively will help you do this well.

How one communicates can be a make or break factor in securing a job, maintaining a relationship, and healthy self expression, Yemi Faleti writes in the article ‘The Importance of Effective Communication’ on Stevenson University Online.


The way we live and work is evolving because of technology. Life and work is becoming easier through the use of various technologies. Around the world, businesses are embracing technology and hiring people with technology skills at a fast rate. Having certain technology skills right now will position and equip you for an opportunity to earn some of the money that these businesses have budgeted for technology-related spending.

Statistics showed that, in 2014, companies around the world spent 25% of their total marketing budget on digital marketing technology. And more than a third of marketing executives, said that digital marketing will account for 75% or more of their spending in the next five years.  What this means is that there will be an increasing demand for people with skills related to digital marketing and that will include skills like social media management, content development, web/mobile development and so on. So you can decide to acquire some of these skills.


The richest people in the world look for and build networks; others just look for work. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki

The more you collaborate with people, the more you can accomplish. It takes collaborative effort to scale a business from an idea. One man can a vision, but it takes a village to run it. Businesses scale by relying on the strength of investors, partners and employees – collaborating with them to accomplish business objectives and grow. Without collaboration, it can be difficult to accomplish so much.

In October 2016, when the Commonwealth Secretariat gathered young entrepreneurs from across West Africa at the Ford Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria, to discuss the challenges facing them and create the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs – West Africa (CAYE-WA), one of the issues they highlighted as a challenge was the poor collaboration among entrepreneurs in their community. Sadly, this is still the case today in Nigeria.

Finding people to collaborate with can be tricky and challenging so do not just dive in. Avoid risky and harmful collaborations by subjecting people you wish to collaborate with to background checks and skill tests before embarking on work together.


You will get rich faster if you have the ability to create your own stream of income. In Kathleen Elkins’ article recently published on CNBC Make It titled ‘8 lifestyle changes to make if you want to get rich in 2019‘, Kathleen points that, ‘the richest people focus on earning, and typically they aren’t content with one source of revenue.’

She draws out these excerpt from author Thomas C. Corley’s book titled ‘Change Your Habits, Change Your Life’ where Corley writes of the findings he made from his multi-year study of self-made millionaires, saying they ‘do not rely on one singular source of income‘ and ‘65 percent had at least three streams of income that they created prior to making their first million dollars.


You can achieve more by communicating and collecting ideas and information in a formal and organised format. This is only achievable through proper documentation practice. Documentation makes it easy to store, retrieve and process ideas and information. Having a habit of documentation will protect you from losing important information and equip you with supporting materials that can serve as evidence of your activities and transactions when you least imagined.

This is because, with documentation, it easier to track and measure things accurately over a period of time. So, it helps one monitor and quantify progress or shortfall, giving one a clear idea of what the situation of things are at any point in time.


I was thought in business school that there are two ways to get money: make money or save money. Although, this is simple and logical enough, but not everyone easily understands it. The underlying principle here is that you earn back all the money you save, whether by paying a lower price or avoiding a loss. So, while you are out chasing all the money you can make, never neglect opportunities to save money or minimise losses. You may record losses from making a bad decision, like investing in a wrong business or hiring a bad employee.

Prudence can also earn you a good reputation with an employer. Most businesses rely on the same principle of making and saving money to increase their monetary worth, so being a prudent employee will definitely endear you to an employer.


Asking for the kind of income or pay you deserve is a critical step to earning or making the kind of money you desire. Elkins who believes that ‘getting used to doing uncomfortable things’ is one of personal qualities that will make you rich in 2019, highlights negotiation as one of the uncomfortable things one must get used to doing. She says, ‘it’s one of the simplest ways to boost your earning potential, since those who ask for more usually get it.’

Most people are scared and intimidated of asking, and would rather not ask. But there is no way you can get rich in a few months away from now if you cannot start earning or making the kind of money that will get you rich by then today. You can eliminate this fear by learning how to negotiate better and changing the outcomes you get from any negotiating process. 

In addition to the bit of help in this post, I am willing to train and mentor a few people to get rich in 2019. If you are interested, chat with me on WhatsApp to request admission.