Great news, folks! Registration has just opened for the 2021 cohort of The Rich Hackathon, the year-long mastermind where I share series of free content and one-on-one guidance tailored to help you start creating wealth and living a wealthier life.

Like everything else last year, the 2020 cohort was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, the pandemic brought a lot of inevitable changes to the way we lived our lives and carried on our businesses. We all had to accept and adapt to a new reality – a new normal.

In order to accommodate this new reality, most of the plans for the 2020 cohort came to a halt or slowed down. For this reason, members of the 2020 cohort are welcome to join the 2021 cohort as well.

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that creating wealth is not the most important thing for entrepreneurs and business owners to deal with. Keeping your wealth creation system going and preserving your health in times of crisis are by far more important.

So, the 2021 cohort of the Rich Hackathon will focus on helping struggling entrepreneurs and business owners gain valuable skills and knowledge that will enable them to keep their business going without losing their health during and beyond a time of crisis.

Join the 2021 cohort today and start your journey to building amazing wealth and living a wealthier, healthier life. Click here to register.

Looking forward to your success!