This week, I have decided to start sharing a selection of interesting tech solutions I have just stumbled upon. Here are the top tech solutions on my list this week:

#1 – Vertabelo Academy

Learn data science by doing on Vertabelo Academy. Develop your data science capability by taking series of online lessons and tests. You can choose to learn with SQL, Python, R and a few other programming languages.

#2 – InstaStatistics

Get live audit of any Instagram account. This nifty tool lets you view the follower count, following, number of posts and bio of any Instagram account. It is simply a great way to do a quick Instagram account audit.

#3 – Gmail Confidential Mode

Send and receive confidential emails via Gmail. With this new functionality that Google has brought to Gmail, you can set an expiration date for outgoing emails and revoke access to them anytime. Set a passcode for your email to grant only authorised receiver access.

#4 – 9Square for Instagram

Split a picture into grids for Instagram. Although this app has been around for quite a long time (first released Dec 2015), I just found it and considered it worth adding to this list. Well, I never made a grid post on Instagram until recently. 9Square is available on Android/iOS and PC. Visit the app store on your device to find this app.

#5 – FCMB Easy Account

Create a bank account without visiting the bank or using the internet. First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has made it a lot easier for unbanked individuals to open and operate a bank account in Nigeria with Easy Account, its latest banking solution. This solution runs on USSD technology and your mobile number becomes your account number, so all you will need is a mobile phone.

What new tech solutions have you come across lately? Mention them in the comment section.

Thank you for reading and sharing! Until next time.

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