digital business lessons

To help you start and run tech-driven businesses that scale


Digital Business Lessons are one-on-one online coaching sessions tailored to help new and struggling tech business owners develop a better understanding of digital business and learn how to build better tech businesses.

what you will learn

Product/Service Development

Identifying a product/service for the market around you.

Business naming & branding

Choosing the right name and identity for your business.

Business registration

Registering your business as a legal entity.


Protecting your trade identity.

Business plan & strategy development

Setting up a blueprint and roadmap for your business.

Business launching

Taking your business to market.

Business operation tracking

Monitoring significant business activities.

Business performance evaluation

Making sense of your past business activities.

Minimum payable amount NGN 50,000
* are compulsory


When you register for Digital Business Lessons, you also get free:

Logo design
Social media setup
Website design
Business listing

become digital business-savvy

Endless business opportunities await you out there in the digital economy. Prepare yourself for these opportunities now. Register to begin your journey to becoming digital business-savvy.


To participate and get the best from this programme, you will require:

Strong internet connection
1-2 hours weekly