digital Content writing lessons

To help you write digital content that performs


Digital Content Writing Lessons are one-on-one online coaching sessions tailored to help new and struggling digital content creators develop a better understanding of digital content writing and learn how to write better content for digital platforms.

what you will learn

Writing Basics

Brushing up on basic writing principles.

Social Media Content Writing

Writing content for social media audience and platforms.

Blog Content Writing

Getting a hang of blogging.

Email Content Writing

Writing the perfect email content.

Web Content Writing

Creating written content for web pages.

Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Content Writing

Writing content that is searchworthy.

Ad Content Writing

Writing content that drives sales.

Writing Complementaries

Looking into advanced writing principles.

Minimum payable amount NGN 20,000
* are compulsory


No perks available for this lessons at the moment.

up your digital Content Writing game

You can become a better digital content writer. All it takes is a series of lessons. Register now to take your digital content writing skill a notch higher.


To participate and get the best from this programme, you will require:

Strong internet connection
1-2 hours weekly