Failure and success are very popular topics everywhere we go, but there are certain truths about these concepts that elude many.

Whereas, what and how we think about failure and success can have a profound effect on the quality of efforts we put in different aspects of our life and work, as well as the quality of outcomes we realise from those efforts.

Here are some of the powerful truths about failure and success that I have learnt on my personal growth journey:

#1 – Failure is a growth booster

Failure can be very depressing. It was the same way for me until I learnt that I could control how it made me feel and how I responded to it. Looking at failure this way has fueled my growth exponentially, instead of dampening it.

#2 – Success is a confidence booster

Frequent feats of failure have a tendency of pushing one closer to self-doubt. It often requires a lot of endurance and determination to rise above this. In cases like this, a single event of success can quickly boost your confidence to face more challenges.

#3 – Success is not an outcome of luck

Most successful people did not just get lucky. I have never had any success based on luck either. It has always been about self-preparation, planning and execution.

#4 – Failure is not an outcome of lack

People do not always fail because they lack the resources needed to succeed. The stories of some of the most successful people and brands in the world today began from a home garage or basement or even a school dormitory. What you lack now should never stop you from taking a chance at success. I had no university degree when I started applying for jobs with multinationals and selling myself as a business consulting. But I ended up landing a job at a multinational and consulting for small businesses without a degree.

#5 – Success is not an end

Success is a journey, not an end. It does not happen when you make an achievement, it starts happening the moment you embark on achieving something and extends beyond the moment when you achieve it. The most valuable part of most people’s success stories is not the end result, it is everything that happened along the journey. It was this way for me too.

These truths about failure and success have immensely influenced my personal growth. I am sharing them with the hope that they will be beneficial to yours too.

If you have other truths about failure and success that you will like to share, drop them in the comment section.