Finding the right advice can make an unbelievable difference in the way we do things and the outcomes of our actions. And with the overload of resources and individuals providing advice around us today, it is even more difficult to get through the clutter and find effective advice.

But I am sure one great way to find quality advice nowadays is to follow well-grounded subject matter experts on social media; especially ones who share their expert knowledge frequently with their social media audience. So, I am sharing this roundup of 10 Nigerians to watch out for on social media for life and business advice:

1. Ahmed Hassan (Twitter: @ahMedigm_)

Credit: @ahMedigm_

Permit me to start with myself. No bias or hierarchy intended, however.

I am a creative and tech entrepreneur with a background in business administration, strategic management, digital marketing, content writing, and web/mobile development and programming. I was a pro bono career advisor on LinkedIn’s defunct Career Advice Hub. I often share advice on business and personal growth across my social media platforms.

2. Kalu Aja (Twitter: @FinPlanKaluAja1)

Credit: @FinPlanKaluAja1

Kalu Aja is a financial planner and adviser with a background in marketing and business administration. He dedicates his social media platform to making personal finance easy to understand by talking about economy and money.

3. Ndubuisi Ekekwe (Twitter: @ndekekwe)

Credit: @ndekekwe

Ndubuisi Ekekwe is an entrepreneur and professor of engineering, with a background in electrical and computer engineering. He is also a Harvard Business Review writer. He shares insights and perspectives on technology, strategy, and innovation.

4. Toyin Adekola (Instagram: @tsadekola)

Credit: @tsadekola

Toyin Adekola is a confidential secretary and digital marketing practitioner with a background in strategy, copywriting and wellness. Across her social media channels, she often shares advice and insight on digital marketing and productivity.

5. Dipo Awojide (Twitter: @OgbeniDipo)

Popularly known on social media with the alias ‘Ogbeni Dipo’, Dipo Awojide is currently a lecturer in strategy. He is also the founder of BTDT Hub, a human capital development company.

Dipo frequently shares advice relating to career, MSME and personal development.

6. Nonso Egemba (Twitter: @aproko_doctor)

Nonso Egembe, popularly known by the alias ‘Aproko Doctor’, is a medical doctor and the founder of AprokoDoctor blog, a healthcare-focused blog. He shares healthcare advice in text and video format.

7. Ugo Obi-chukwu (Twitter: @ugodre)

Credit: @ugodre

Ugo Obi-chukwu is a chartered accountant with experience in corporate finance, financial management, and financial analysis. He is also the founder of Nairametrics, an online financial news platform.

Ugo shares content promoting financial literacy on social media.

8. Fijeh Aadum (Instagram: @fijehaadum)

Fijeh Aadum is a business coach and author with a background in financial advisory and management. She mostly shares insight on business and finance on social media in infograph, podcast and video format.

9. Tayo Aina (Twitter: @tayoainafilms)

Credit: @tayoainafilms

Tayo Aina is an entrepreneur and filmmaker who creates and shares insightful Africa-focused content on lifestyle, travel, and real estate in YouTube video format.

10. Sam Adeyemi (Twitter: @sam_adeyemi)

Sam Adeyemi is a strategic leadership expert, and also the founder and senior pastor at Daystar Christian Centre.

He regularly shares useful advice and insights on leadership across his social media platforms. Interestingly, for a man popularly known as a religious leader, his take on issues are more pragmatic than religious.

One more thing. Before you go ahead to receive advice from anyone, make sure that you factor in these 5 stages of advising highlighted in this Harvard Business Review post by Harvard Business School professors David A. Garvin and Joshua D. Margolis:

1. Find the right fit
2. Develop a shared understanding
3. Craft alternatives
4. Converge on a decision
5. Put the advice into action

Hope you find this roundup post useful. I anxiously look forward to your success.

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